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Save money and care for the environment. Purchase extra wash bags and use SoapNuts all around your home. In the bathroom, laundry, kitchen, wash your pets!


SoapNuts are the only 100% Natural cleaning product that grows on a tree, drops to the ground and dries and is ready to use…no manufacturing so no pollution nor unnecessary waste of resources.  They  truly are a gift from Mother Nature to all of humanity!

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1 review for SoapNuts

  1. Roger Perry

    I haven’t used laundry detergent at all since I started using soapnuts. They get the job done just fine. I love it that they are eco-friendly!

    • SoapNuts Australia

      Yes, they do get the job done and being eco-friendly makes them better than anything manufactured. I give thanks to Mother Nature every day! So happy that you like them – and are saving money not buying laundry detergent!!!
      Kindly Kylie

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