The question is “Why not SoapNuts Australia?”

You will find that there is no reason why you should use anything else!

SoapNuts are the only 100% Natural cleaning product that grows on a tree, drops to the ground and dries and is ready to use…no manufacturing so no pollution nor unnecessary waste of resources. They truly are a gift from Mother Nature to all of humanity!

Why buy from us?

We provide the best quality and best priced SoapNuts in Australia.

We work directly with the community who wild harvest them – no middle man. no broker.

We offer the best service. Have a question? Send me a message and I, the SoapNut Lady, will respond personally!

We are passionate about SoapNuts and about honest to goodness business practices. No built in costs. Fair trade means fair price.

Buying from us means supporting my family to support the families who make them available to you which means supporting your health and supporting our planet.


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Working with the Community

Our SoapNuts come from the Swat area of the Hazara District in Pakistan, direct from the community who wild harvest them. No middle man. No broker. Just my family working directly with families in the community in Pakistan to provide an income to them and bring Mother Nature’s Gift to you in Australia. A win/win situation that feels good for everyone, including our Mother Earth. We work under fair trade principles with the philosophy of keeping the income stream within the community itself. The SoapNuts are wild harvested by the community. They are then checked for seeds and picked free of twigs and leaves and left to dry completely. The community print and sew the outer cotton bags, sew the wash bags, pack the SoapNuts in sealed inner bags and box them ready for shipment to Australia.

SoapNuts Australia are the healthiest and most sustainable cleaning product available! Not to mention effective and economical. There is no better choice!

A bit about the SoapNut tree

SoapNuts come from the Sapindus mukorossi tree which grows wild in the Hazara district of Pakistan.

The SoapNut Tree’s botanic family includes 2,000 species, with the mukorossi providing the largest fruit, containing a high content of saponin.

This tree, also called the “soap berry tree”, is unique in that it synthesizes its own natural soap-like “saponins” (any of various plant glycosides that form soapy lathers when mixed and agitated with water) that coat the shell of the fruit. When the fruits ripen and fall from the tree, local families harvest the windfall and then remove the inner fruit (seeds) from the outer shell, leaving the SoapNut ready to use.

Once germinated, it takes nine years for the SoapNut tree to begin yielding fruit.

They grow thirteen to eighteen metres high.

After the ninth year the SoapNut tree berries can be harvested for a period of ninety years.

The fruit is harvested from September to February. Thus the SoapNut tree’s life cycle is extremely long, allowing a natural and sustainable supply of SoapNuts.

In addition to this, the SoapNut tree contributes to combating the greenhouse effect by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. The more trees we allow to remain growing in the earth, the better for our earth, atmosphere and ourselves.

The used shells of the SoapNuts are 100% biodegradable, so they reduce the amount of landfill as you just add them to your compost heap and they will turn into a natural fertilizer for your garden and plants to enjoy.

SoapNuts are extremely beneficial to humanity and our total environment. You will struggle to find another product which is as Natural, Eco friendly AND affordable as SoapNuts Australia.