04/04/2015, 12:08

"Thank you so much for selling this product, for your excellent service, and the information you provide on this website. The soapnuts you sell are brilliant, I use them to wash my hair once a week (no conditioner needed) and my hair is so soft and shiny, it's amazing. I also use them for car wash, body wash, dishwashing detergent, washing detergent, toilet cleaner, and multipurpose cleaning spray. Basically, for everything that needs cleaning! Fantastic product ..... and I'm trying to convert everyone I know over to them :)"

18/02/2015, 08:21

"I love soapnuts and essential oils! I tell everybody what I wash and clean my home with, use these and you will never need to buy toxic chemicals again!"

24/11/2014, 16:54

"Great for washing miscrofibre cloths where you're supposed to use pure soap, no softeners etc, etc."

10/11/2014, 21:35

"Looking forward to receiving my order and trying these soap nuts!"

21/10/2014, 00:17

"I received a sample of soap nuts in my nativebox and will be making a purchase in the near future. A pharmacy I was in recommended clove oil for mould. I've added clove oil to the simmering soap nut water. and will add a few more drops when it has cooled. The added advantage is that my house smells wonderful from the simmering process.
I also add Sorbolene to the liquid for a moisturising hand wash.

24/09/2014, 19:02

"Wow! I was a bit sceptical when I received a sample sachet but I've made AMAZING household cleaner and a bodywash. Now I can't wait to place my order so that I can use them for laundry, in the dishwasher, shampoo and in the garden."

15/09/2014, 12:27

"I have been using soap nuts for at least 4 weeks and I am spellbound. My hair has never been in such great condition even so I used only natural shampoo from Dottera. I always had to use conditioner after I washed my hair, I could not get a comb through. But now my hair situation changed using soap nuts my fine hair is manageable no conditioner needed. Plus I don’t need to wash my hair every day as I simply use a little bit of the soap nut liquid and put it through hair. My hair is shinny, bouncy and even shows signs of a natural wave. I am so happy with this product. I also made cleaning solutions and glass cleaner. I am flabbergasted. I will google for more options using this fabulous product."

26/08/2014, 00:04

"Thank you for your wonderful service following up on my missing order. We finally located it! The postman failed to leave a delivery note but the store was very helpful and located it for us anyway.

Many thanks,


12/05/2014, 12:24

"Thank you so much for your website and for your help and inspiration, it is very daunting to change something you have been used to your whole life, now that I have changed though, I will never go back. "

01/12/2013, 15:17

"I am a mother of 3 and have recently discovered the joys of Soap Nuts. So far I have been boiling up my soap nuts and freezing them as ice cubes, but I have been stingy with the ratio of nuts to water therefore my liquid has not been strong. Now that I have the ratio of 100 grams to 3 litres of water the liquid is dynamite.
I pour it into the glad freezer cube trays and just pop them out into an old ice cream container when ready. I make sure that I strain them finley first before I freeze the liquid. I blend the nuts with a stick blender and squeeze the pulp to get out every last drop.
I have made so far, all purpose cleaner spray, front loader liquid, caterpillar spray, dishwasher tablets using the liquid instead of vinegar, a floor cleaner solution and a shampoo, still trying to iron out the bumps.
I have cleaned out my home completely of all purchased cleaners, from the kitchen right through to my own toothpaste and deodorant.


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