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Mobile Phone & WiFi Radiation Harmonizer
In stock
  Mobile Phone and WI-FI Radiation Harmonizers are designed to neutralize the noxious radiation emissions from all types of mobile phones and WI-FI... More

Golden Kelp Granules
In stock
Golden Sea Kelp hand selected from the pristine coastal waters of South Coast NSW. Excellent source of iodine and fibre.

Minimum quantity for "Golden Kelp Granules" is 1.

Bentonite Clay raw pieces 500G
In stock
Bentonite Clay can be used both internally and externally to assist in detoxification due to its alkaline pH and high negative ionic charge. Every cell in... More

Palo Santo 'Holy Wood' Sticks
In stock
Hand cut sticks from Ecuador (2 cm thickness, 15cm length, average 20g) Palo Santo is sustainably wild harvested in Ecuador from from naturally fallen trees... More

Palo Santo 'Holy Wood' Essential Oil
In stock
Palo Santo oil can be used the same way as Frankincense oil yet is softer and sweeter to work with and doesn’t have the same skin sensitivity issues. A... More

Yoga Mat
In stock
Standard sized yoga mat, 3.5mm thickness in yellow or grey.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Plain
In stock
Highly recommended by the Weston A Price Foundation, fermented cod liver oil is manufactured without heat. Wild caught cod from pristine arctic waters are... More

Fermented Skate Liver Oil Spicy Orange Flavour
In stock
Fermented Skate Liver Oil is manufactured without heat. Wild caught skate from pristine arctic waters are placed in large stainless steel vats and carefully... More

Blue Ice Royal Blend Plain Gel
In stock
This un-flavoured gel contain a ratio of 2/3 Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and 1/3 X-Factor Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil. Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver... More