01/04/2011, 22:07

"Sindhiya Soapnuts are fantastic! I've been using them to wash my clothes, make my shampoo and body wash. Love them. Thanks"

01/04/2011, 15:27

"We are currently living at my husbands workplace which is a lime plant and are on bore water which is very hard and its great not to have to add heaps of fabric softener and other additives to our washing and know that they will be clean and soft when washed. I have also found that old oil stains are starting to lift out of Merv’s work clothes.

I have a front loader which cannot be opened during wash cycle so work clothes get prewash, wash & rinse with SoapNuts and I still can get another two – three washes from the same batch. I discard when Nuts have gone soft and smooth to touch."

01/04/2011, 15:27

"Sindhiya soapnuts are brilliant. Our dog ran through sump oil on weekend and got goo all over his feet. As he has sensitive skin I tried liquid on a cloth which took some off then I put some decoction in dish and soaked his feet for a few minutes - result after two lots of soaking was clean feet!
My husband's work clothes also come clean too."

25/03/2011, 11:52

":) I originally bought them for the clothes but then we read the pamphlet and will def be using them for the house and our vege patch!
It's fab! Be back for more soon I'm guessing! :):)"

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