15/11/2011, 12:11

"Well thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I told my husband about the soap nuts and he is very psyched about the whole idea. I am going to do as you suggest and make some solution, as well as cut back on the rinse cycle and save some more water and energy (I have a Kenmore front loader that has an "eco" cycle that I always use). I love this washing machine. I have noticed that people are saying you have to pretreat stains if you use soapnuts but frankly as an adult, most of the clothes I wash just need to be "refreshed" from body odor but there is rarely any actual "dirt," so I think soapnuts are perfect for me. Love the packaging, purity, lack of waste. Wonderful.
Thanks again

03/11/2011, 00:00

"In my previous mail I failed to mention I live in Dublin Ireland and my wife hast started to use the nuts when washing dishes. Thanks again"

04/10/2011, 14:30

"Hi just letting you know that I received the soapnuts the other day and I've already begun using them! Some multipurpose liquid and in the washing machine. Thanks for all the info, its a great guide to using them."

09/08/2011, 21:23

"I have already become a FB fan, I found you from a review on another business' page...think it was Stay At Home Mum-The Secret to Living on One Wage.
Looking forward to using my soapnuts!!


11/05/2011, 14:56

"I wash the clothes with the nuts now I am going to make Shampoo and hand wash thanks Kylie!!"

05/04/2011, 22:55

"I use Sindhiya soapnuts to clean my windows and they are wonderful. They keep the moscquitoes and flies away. "

04/04/2011, 09:15

"Love them, great for washing newborn cloth nappies."

04/04/2011, 09:15

"Thankyou I recieved them yesterday.. looking forward to doing the washing now.... well sort of.

01/04/2011, 22:07

"Sindhiya Soapnuts are fantastic! I've been using them to wash my clothes, make my shampoo and body wash. Love them. Thanks"

01/04/2011, 15:27

"We are currently living at my husbands workplace which is a lime plant and are on bore water which is very hard and its great not to have to add heaps of fabric softener and other additives to our washing and know that they will be clean and soft when washed. I have also found that old oil stains are starting to lift out of Merv’s work clothes.

I have a front loader which cannot be opened during wash cycle so work clothes get prewash, wash & rinse with SoapNuts and I still can get another two – three washes from the same batch. I discard when Nuts have gone soft and smooth to touch."

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