22/10/2013, 11:56

"I just want to say thank you so much for the soap nuts! I just made shampoo using just 2 soap nuts and a cup of water and it worked amazingly! thank you!! "

01/06/2013, 16:27

"Spreading Soap Nut magic. Yes, I am besotted. Have got the hang of it. The best, cleanest, softest towels ever after soaking overnight. Can't wait to share it with my daughter next week end. Thanks for the measurement. Clever Grandpa suggested 7 y o Liam would enjoy making up the mix with us - he loves to experiment and will be fascinated that soap comes from little dry nut shells.


20/03/2013, 11:46

"I used these when I was in Germany in 2008 fantastic! So pleased I can now buy them in Australia."

07/03/2013, 16:41

"have been using soapnuts for a little while now but have only just made up a handwash and started washing dishes. what a good feeling you get using these babies, clean house, people, and compost!"

07/09/2012, 19:16

"Thank you so much for a speedy delivery! I have never received anything that quick before!


17/07/2012, 20:20

"Received today ā€“ many thanks

Absolutely love my soap nuts!

06/03/2012, 19:56

"A cold water wash will use less energy because the water does not need to be heated. The extra half hour will not use as much energy as it would take to heat the water so there will be some saving of energy. "

06/03/2012, 18:23

"I have 5 boys so I have a lot of laundry. I usually wash their clothes 2 days (Monday and Thursday) a week. I have 5 baskets that we use for clean clothes only. As I get clean clothes out of the dryer, I fold them and put them in each boys' basket. Then the boys are responsible for putting their own clothes up--even the 2 1/2 year old! I usually wash my husband and my clothes once a week...towels too.Great giveaway! Thanks"

08/01/2012, 18:28

"Thank you ! Iā€™m hoping it will clear up my dogs skin allergies. Also looking forward to all the other things this product can do...
Kind Regards

25/11/2011, 23:34

"I tried the soapnuts in my Sunbeam Cafe Series coffee machine today...WOW! Gotta love these little guys...they really do clean everything and anything! I placed 2 half soapnuts in the spot where the cleaning tablet should go (on the cleaning disk that you put in the grup) and followed the manual instructions. Voila! Clean coffee machine with no chemical cleaning tablet residue. Wunderbar!"

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