05/04/2020, 22:35

"Good morning,
Thank you, love your product.
Keep up the good work.

21/11/2017, 13:52

"Hi. I'd like to let you know that since starting using soap nuts earlier this year, I've had an improvement in my eczema, so will be using nothing else from now on. Thanks for your service. Helen "

10/04/2017, 08:59

"I have used the soapnuts as a multi-purpose cleaner and laundry liquid and I think they are great. An exceptional product and just an added bonus that they are a 100% ecofriendly and biodegradable product with so many uses! "

08/09/2016, 14:35

"These soapnuts have been fabulous for my awful eczema! The whole family benefits from them - looking forward to trying the lemon oil to add a scent!
Kind regards
Kellianne richards"

30/06/2016, 07:43

"delivery was quick, can't wait to use them and see how good they are.

19/03/2016, 16:32

"Thanks for your fast order turnaround - That's awesome I've been using soap nuts for the past year and love them I've only got enough left for a few loads so I'm excited to get this order soon soap nuts are amazing!"

11/02/2016, 17:24

"Love them! I had never heard of soap nuts, I saw them on the 'shop ethical' app, so I googled them and decided to get a 100gm bag to try last week. I thought I'd test out how good they are on my husbands work clothes (he's a chef, his clothes are always fatty and smelly) after we took his clothes off the clothes line there was no greasy smell, so then I washed our bedding-including pillows. I was sold, my pillows smelt clean but not a chemically fragrance. I've just purchased a 1kilo bag!! Thanks!!"

09/02/2016, 23:49

"Soapnuts arrived today - happy dance - happy dance. Telling all my friends about them. THANK YOU!"

26/06/2015, 10:00

"They work!! They really do! I'm so glad! The less chemicals we have in our home the better, trying to get rid of eczema in me and my son. So here I go scrubbing everything naturally! They even work on my husbands filthy farm duds too! And the concentrated liquid is great as a pre soak for getting rid of stains especially off baby clothes :)))"

24/04/2015, 13:21

"Finally - a truly natural and ecological laundry detergent! SoapNuts is a brilliant product. Thank you so much Kylie & Co for your dedication in making it visible and accessible in the marketplace! - Divya Hemnani"

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