What is a SoapNut?

SoapNuts are actually berries from the Soap Berry Tree (Sapindus mukorossi). They are not a nut! These berries grow on trees, ripen and drop to the ground where they are collected and then dried naturally in the sun.  They contain saponin, Mother Nature’s soap! This natural soap is released from the SoapNut when agitated in water.

Is every SoapNut the same?

No. There are different species of SoapNut trees (Sapindus mukorossi and Sapindus trifoliatus are the most commonly known).  We provide only the best quality SoapNuts;  Sapindus mukorossi.  These SoapNuts are the largest of all varieties and have the highest saponin content, so you can use them longer and for a more effective clean.

What species of SoapNuts do you sell?

We sell Sapindus mukorossi SoapNuts.

Are the SoapNuts whole or just the shells?

100% Natural SoapNuts Australia supply the shells.  They have been hand sorted, so they come to you seedless. It is the shells that contain the necessary saponin, so the seeds are not required

How do SoapNuts clean my clothes?

SoapNuts, as they ripen on the tree, produce saponin in their shell. Saponin is a natural soap substance which is released from the SoapNut when it is agitated in water.  When released, the saponin acts as a water surfactant, freeing dirt and grime from your washing.

Are SoapNuts an additive to my regular laundry detergent?

No.  There is no need to add any laundry detergent. SoapNuts are your 100% Natural washing and cleaning product....toxin free!

Do SoapNuts clean as well as chemical detergents?

SoapNuts are 100% Natural cleaning power.  They contain no chemicals nor toxins.  While they may not pretend to get whites whiter or colors brighter, SoapNuts will definitely leave your clothes clean, fresh and lasting longer and at the same time make the planet stronger and keep you and your family healthier.  Pre soaking your washing in SoapNuts liquid overnight will assist with especially dirty loads.

The SoapNuts are really sticky. What does this mean?

SoapNuts absorb moisture very easily and will become dark and sticky if left exposed to air, or in hot and humid weather.  This is due to the saponin slowly being released. Sticky SoapNuts will still wash and clean as normal. To avoid having to pull apart sticky SoapNuts, it is best to store them in a sealed container in a cool dry place.

Will SoapNuts work in cold water?

Yes.  The saponin is released more slowly in cold water, allowing for more wash loads and at the same time saving water and saving you money.  More saponin is released in warm or hot water washes, so this is best used for heavily soiled washing.

Are SoapNuts good at getting rid of stains on my clothing?

SoapNuts do not have any added chemical whiteners or enzymes to act on stains (and also potentially damage not only the fabric of your clothing, but also your skin).  Stubborn stains can be treated prior to washing with SoapNuts. See our SoapNuts Tips and Tricks page for some green cleaning ideas.

Can I use SoapNuts in my front loader washing machine?

Yes, they are low sudsing, so they are perfect for front loaders.   Some front loaders only use a very small amount of water, so using the SoapNuts in the wash bag provided may not be the most effective method.  Instead, use 4 tablespoons (60 mls) of  the SoapNuts liquid in the drawer. 

Can I use SoapNuts to safely and effectively wash cloth nappies?

Yes! SoapNuts are the best choice for washing cloth nappies. They effectively eliminate all lingering odours and leave the nappies cleaner and softer for your baby.  They will clean nappies of all residue from chemical detergents that can potentially harm your babies sensitive skin, leaving them more absorbent and softer than ever before.

There are no bubbles during the wash cycle. What's wrong?

There is nothing wrong! SoapNuts are a natural, low sudsing cleaner. There are no added fillers, dyes or chemicals to create bubbles in the wash. Bubbles don’t clean your clothes, 100% Natural SoapNuts do!

Are SoapNuts safe for those with nut allergies?

Absolutely! SoapNuts are actually berries from the  Soap Berry Tree (Sapindus mukorossi). They are not a nut!

Are SoapNuts safe for those with sensitive skin or skin disorders?

Yes! SoapNuts are 100% natural and hypoallergenic. They do not contain added chemicals nor fragrances which often irritate people with skin sensitivities. Some people have seen their eczema and psoriasis clear up as a result of using SoapNuts. SoapNuts are the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.

Do SoapNuts come in different fragrances?

No. SoapNuts are 100% natural so there are no added fragrances. SoapNuts have a distinct smell like apple cider vinegar in their natural state. However, once you wash your clothes, they will be fragrance free. If you want scented laundry use doTERRA Essential Oils available under "Buy Online" tab. see our SoapNuts Tips and Tricks page for more information.

Will my sheets and towels feel soft when I use 100% Natural SoapNuts?

YES!.100% Natural SoapNuts will leave your washing feeling softer than ever before. Chemical detergents leave a residue on your clothes that make them feel stiff or hard, and your towels become less absorbent. SoapNuts rinse clean and leave your towels feeling soft and more absorbent without the need for toxic fabric softeners

Do I have to remove the SoapNuts from the washing machine before the rinse cycle?

No.  You don’t need to do a rinse cycle as there is no residue to rinse out.  See our SoapNuts Tips and Tricks page for further information.

I have very sensitive skin and most detergents give me a rash. Can I use SoapNut detergent?

 Definitely! SoapNuts are hypoallergenic and with no added nasties, they are perfect for people with sensitive skin.

How many SoapNuts are required per wash?

Approximately 4-6 whole SoapNuts (sml handful of broken pieces) placed into the small drawstring bag will be sufficient for between 4-6 loads of washing.  This depends on the temperature of the water you use and  how soiled your wash load is.  Cold water allows for more wash loads, but if you’ve got a heavily soiled wash to do,  take a look at our SoapNuts Tips and Tricks page.  Use 4 Tablespoons on the SoapNuts liquid concentrate for your front loader.

SoapNuts smell a little like vinegar, will my clothes smell like this?

No, 100% Natural SoapNuts will leave your clothes clean and fresh with no scent. If you like scented laundry, add a couple of drops of your favourite doTERRA essential oil to the washbag. Have a look at our SoapNuts Tips and Tricks page for more information.

Are SoapNuts safe to use on my delicate clothes?

Yes, they are suitable for washing the most delicate of fabrics such as wool and silk. Its gentleness maintains the fabric structure of the material and it doesn't leave a build up of residue on fabrics.

Are SoapNuts able to maintain the brightness and whiteness of my clothes?

Colours will be brighter because SoapNuts contain no bleach. SoapNuts don’t pretend to make your whites whiter and naturally, whites may experience some greying over time. We recommend washing whites and colours separately.  For more hints on how to get the best results for your washing, have a look at our SoapNuts Tips and Tricks page.

Can I re-use SoapNuts?

Reuse SoapNuts 4-6x in the washing machine and then dispose of them in your compost bin. You will find that you will get more washes when using cold water. Hot water washes (up to 40 degrees) release more saponin and the wash bag will need to be reloaded with fresh SoapNuts more often.  I find that I get 2-3 wash loads when using warm water. The SoapNuts look shiny and fleshy when they have released their saponin. See our SoapNuts Tips and Tricks page for more uses of used SoapNuts before you dispose of  them

There are not that many visible suds, is that a problem?

No. Your cleaning will be just as effective without the presence of suds. There are no potentially harmful foaming agents or chemicals added to 100% Natural SoapNuts.  It’s the saponin that does the cleaning, not the bubbles!

Does it matter that the SoapNuts are in pieces and not as a whole?

No. Actually, it is better if the SoapNuts are in smaller pieces. (HINT: some people crush the SoapNut shells into smaller pieces so that the surface area in contact with the water increases, thus allowing for easier release of the saponin).

What should we do with the SoapNuts once they have been used?

Put them in your compost bin, worm farm or simply scatter over your garden bed. They are 100% biodegradable and great for your garden!  You can also place them in your green bin, but why not get the use out of them if you can?! See our SoapNuts Tips and Tricks page for more uses of used SoapNuts before you dispose of  them.

Do SoapNuts have a shelf life?

No. In humid conditions SoapNuts absorb moisture and become sticky. If this happens it won't affect the SoapNut’s cleaning capabilities, they will still wash brilliantly. We recommend you store your SoapNuts in an airtight container to prevent getting sticky nuts.

Why do people claim that SoapNuts are water and energy saving?

Commercial detergents need to be rinsed out of the clothes completely as they leave a soapy residue. Since SoapNuts are a 100% natural product with no soapy residue, you can reduce the machine rinse cycles, hence saving valuable electricity and water. Also, the used water is great for your garden, so you can reuse it – great during times of water restrictions...in fact, great all the time!

Can I use SoapNuts in a front loading washing machine?

Yes. SoapNuts produce low suds and are suitable to use in all washing machines. Some front loaders, however, only use a very small amount of water, so using the SoapNuts in the wash bag provided may not be the most effective method.  Instead, use 4 tablespoons (60 mls) of  the SoapNuts liquid concentrate in the front loader drawer.   

Do I have to use a washbag?

Drawstring cotton washbags are provided with every prepack purchase of 100% Natural SoapNuts.. You can also use a sock, a handkerchief, or a delicates washbag to hold your SoapNuts in if you choose. Just be sure to tie them off securely (see our SoapNuts Tips and Tricks page) as although the SoapNuts do not do any damage to your washing if they come loose, it just means you will have to spend a little extra time collecting them from the bottom of your machine.

Where do your SoapNuts come from?

We collect our SoapNuts from Northern Pakistan. Our SoapNuts grow wild around villages of the Himalayan range. This means at harvest time any villager may collect SoapNuts and receive an income for them. This also reduces the number of trees chopped down for firewood as a commodity. We believe this is more beneficial for the local people and the environment than buying from any farmed sources.

Have your SoapNuts undergone any chemical treatment or fumigation?

As part of the AQIS requirements for entry into Australia the dunnage (outer packaging and pallets) are required to be treated through one of many treatment options before they are cleared to enter Australia. This can occur either before being shipped in their source country or once they arrive in Australia.  Sindhiya SoapNuts are packed in sealed packaging which is then packed in sealed boxes.  The heat treatment  process leaves no residue and does not come into contact with the actual SoapNuts themselves. 

7. Containers, timber packing, pallets or dunnage associated with the consignment will be subject to inspection and treatment on arrival, unless certified as having been treated by an AQIS approved method. (Refer to the AQIS publication ‘Cargo Containers: Quarantine aspects and procedures’).  

Source: Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

If I plant a SoapNut will it grow?

No, the SoapNut used for washing is the berry casing, which has been dried and deseeded. If by chance you find a seed (it is small, black and hard) still attached to the berry in your bag of SoapNuts,  please return it to us as we are dedicated to preserving our native vegetation.

It’s unlikely that the seed would germinate if planted, but we don’t want to take any chances with our natural environment.  It is prohibited in Australia to grow Sapindus mukorossi trees, so if a seed happens to slip through the stringent quality control system that has been set up, please return it to us (together with a copy of your invoice) and we will send you a free pack of 100% Natural SoapNuts. 

For further information, please read the following from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service;

End use: Seeds for sowing

Table 2: List of Prohibited Species. These species have been assessed as posing a high risk of becoming weeds in Australia and are prohibited entry by legislation.

Sapindus mukorossi

Source: Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

End use: Nursery stock

"Table 2: List of Prohibited Species. These species have been assessed as posing a high risk of becoming weeds in Australia and are prohibited entry by legislation.

Sapindus mukorossi

Source: Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service


The Australian Government has changed the AQIS system and is now monitored under The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.  This is the link to the government website http://www.agriculture.gov.au/biosecurity

Here is a link to the heat treatment which my SoapNuts undergo when arriving in Australia.  This is for the outer packaging as explained above.  http://www.agriculture.gov.au/import/arrival/treatments/treatments-fumigants/heat-treatment-standard

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this.